Manage construction projects on behalf of architects.

Improve construction quality and lower costs?

Adopt a third party, our company, for process management and quality control.
Currently, the construction industry has no manpower, but estimates and on-site management are lax.In addition, the number of temporary workers, not employees, is increasing significantly in the field.It is almost impossible for temporary workers to grasp their technology in a short period of time in the construction industry.From that perspective, it will be beneficial to hire a third party, our company, to carry out process and quality control, because cost and technical management have become easier with existing construction companies.In particular, in terms of cost, we often have a lot of room for estimates, making it difficult to determine.For example, amateurs cannot negotiate the price of the estimate in a set expression.Therefore, based on the estimate that has been built up, we don't know if the content matches, so we negotiate only with the price.

What is construction management?

Originally, CM (Construction Management) was one of the architectural production systems born in the United States. Construction management (CM) is a system that is based on the premise that the U.S. is a "contract society" and "litigation society" that does not construct anything that is not described or estimated in the drawing.

We manage the construction cost reduction and implementation schedule!

Currently, construction companies are cutting back on their own expenses to survive. Especially in countries with different business customs in Southeast Asia, the items in the estimate are completely different from those in Japan, and Japanese-style bargaining often does not work. Also, it is possible that the construction schedule does not go according to the construction schedule and that the factory has not been completed yet even though it has been half a year since it was scheduled to be completed. "Well, the Japanese way of saying ""Well, you know this much,"" doesn't work at all, so we will provide thorough support, conduct strict checks, and proceed with our work in the Southeast Asian way."

Benefits of Construction Management


Eliminate waste and reduce total construction costs

Since general contractors are mainly responsible for subcontracting orders, the owner cannot determine the appropriateness of the total construction cost because he or she does not know how much the total construction cost is. In this regard, CMR selects each company from a neutral point of view, so construction costs are transparent and can be constructed at a reasonable price.In fact, it is possible to reduce the total cost of construction by CM.

be expected to shorten the construction period

Successful office construction requires a high-precision plan that balances cost, duration, and quality.In the case of CM methods, knowledgeable and experienced CMRs participate from the planning and design stages to coordinate the construction schedule comprehensively.Of course, it is expected to shorten the construction period because it manages the process well during construction.

You can use the ordering method according to the situation.

The CM method is to understand the use and characteristics of buildings constructed by CMR and select the best order method with the best balance of quality, cost and construction period.CMR's unique advantage is that it can not only utilize CMR's own experience, but also carefully select the best ordering method based on current construction market trends.

overseas support area


Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and other countries have different cultures and business customs.
We understand the national character of Southeast Asians more than any other construction company in Japan.
At our agency, we use our experience in advertising in Japan to arrange this construction management for factory construction in Southeast Asia, and provide consulting services that minimize the risk of Japanese companies building in Southeast Asia.

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Who We Are

Who We Are
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  • construction agent business
    Construction Management (CM) operations
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    Registration Support Organization for Specified Skills of Foreign Nationals(20登-003706)
    employment placement permit(27-ユ-303017)
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  • 2006.06
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  • ¥10,000,000
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  • Yoshinari Sakumoto



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